About Us

LearnInfection is an initiative by the British Infection Association to support its members in their learning.  This is a resource created by you, for you. We want to help you from the start of your infection training, through your specialist exams and then on as part of your lifelong learning, helping to ensure your practice is of the highest standard once in a consultant post.

This means that depending on where you are in that journey, some resources may feel above or below your current competency. 

It is not intended to be a treatment guide for individual patient care. 

To access this resource you need to be an active member of the British Infection Association.
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An initiative of the British Infection Association:


Maintaining standards – we need you

The question bank and learning resources are an ongoing piece of work, which require continual updating to ensure that the content is of the highest quality and relevance and is fit for purpose.  

We ask that you, as the user, help us to maintain the accuracy of the material by reporting any content or question that you feel is inaccurate or outdated, or that guidance has changed.  We can then promptly act on any such material. 

As such, we need a team of volunteers to help contribute to the maintenance and development of the learning content. Please do get in touch if you would like to be part of this.  We would also welcome any other contributions that you would like to make. For more information on how our contributors are recognised, please see details here.

If there are any areas that you feel could do with greater coverage, then please do let us know your suggestions (although you may well end up becoming inveigled into content creation!)